1. disgustinghuman:

    Oh my god

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  2. if u have more than 10 followers you ARE tumblr famous and u need to log off

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  3. ravclaw:

    homework to do: hella

    homework i’ve done: negative hella

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  4. daves-applejuice:


    Coral blue number 2 semi-gloss lipstick

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  5. gavinfree:

    i found the exact moment when steve harvey’s soul collapsed

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  6. twlboaj:


    please stop reblogging this post


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  8. doglets:

    This shampoo was supposed to give my hair volume but I really can’t hear anything

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    Some day you will be the worlds leaders doctors teachers and engineers

  9. About to get my WCAR lyrics tattoo touched up. Not excited ha.

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  11. hiddlestalker:


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  13. honeybesweet:

    i have two moods fuck you and whats for dinner

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  14. sogaysoalive:

    Louis Halsey, 88, & John Spofford, 94, The couple finally got married after 64 years together.

    True love has no ending

    This makes me happy

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